Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coffee Surprise

Last Saturday my sister and I made plans to go to a craft show in a small town not too far away....(ok....I made the plans and drug her along...).  Although it had snowed heavily the night before, we put the vehicle in 4 wheel drive and took off creeping out of town.  We weren't in that great of a hurry, so we waited until the snowplows did their work.
I didn't have my morning coffee rations (3 cups) so I was really thrilled when one of the vendors was offering generous coffee samples when we got there.  The Almond Joy coffee was sooo good!
Now I have to tell you....I am a local shopper when at all possible.  (I also try to be a loyal state and country shopper as much as I can help it).  So now back to the coffee....
I buy my coffee locally.
But this coffee was really, really yummy (hey...they let me sample 3 different flavors....and they were all good!)
The coffee is called Minnesota Morning.
I live in Minnesota.
I could justify this purchase.
As I was trying to decide which of their many flavors to take home with me, I got a really fun surprise...
Minnesota Morning is roasted right in my local community!!
It is a small family buisness that uses Fair Trade green coffee and roasts the beans right in their home.
It gets better....
they told me to just buy one bag from them now and when I am ready for more to let them know and they will roast it up fresh and deliver it to my home!!!
Could a cup of coffee get much better than this?????
I had my shopping baskets full when we sister....well....she was a little over stimulated maybe.  :)  Personally I think her problem is she does not drink coffee....I have tried to convert her for years....some people are just beyond help.  :)
We were just blocks away from Farmhouse Woolens, so we stopped in to see what was new in Karen's sweet little shop.
I came home with a bag of sister....well....maybe if she would have had some coffee something there would have inspired her!
It was a fun morning....and I am thankful my sister joined me...when it was obviously all about me!!!!


Kathie said...

well I would have been drinking the coffee right along with you!
Lucky you fresh roasted and delivered!
wow....ok you live close to Karens
I would have had a bag full of goodies from her shop as well! your sister just doesn't know what fun she is missing! Wait till she sees what you make from Karen's shop she is going to be jealous!

Lori said...

I'm with you on the coffee! I can't belive they will roast it fresh and deliver it!! Wow!! That's what I call service.
I'd love to go to Farmhouse Woolens. It looks like a wonderful shop.