Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am part husband is part Norwegian....I have a "thing" for Scandinavian decorations.
It started in my kitchen, but has spread....but don't worry...I have it "under control"!
I thought maybe I would randomly post some of those decorations....umm...for lack of any finished projects to blog about.
Tonight I will show you a corner in my kitchen....that sometimes becomes the umm....well....the "junk counter".
I am happy to report it is junk free and shedding warmth in that corner tonight.
I have admired this Christmas light for a long time in our Scandinavian Galleri.  I was totally ecstatic when I found this in the know where.....the Goodwill!!!!
I don't mean to boast....but I got it for $ I am boasting....but in a good way...really!
I know it is suppose to be a Christmas light, but I think it is so sweet....and the Christmas season is so short.

Besides, my little Dala horse looks so cute sitting under the arch!
Are there any other Scandinavian readers out there?

There is still time to get in on the Bit's and Pieces give-a-way!


robin said...

I'm 1/4 Norwegian. My ancestors came from the More og Romsdal region. Love your little horse.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

That's a beautiful find! I must have some Scandinavian in my blood too, because I really love the decor!
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Monica said...

Half Swedish right here!

Lori said...

Yes! My grandfather came from Denmark. I love your find and am always on the look out for Scandinavian decorations. We sent my son to Denmark to visit his host family this past June and he brought me back my own Dala horse! Yours is perfect by your candles.

SoCal Helene said...

100% Swedish, born and raised in Sweden...Me and my husband moved over to California in -93 and never looked back.
Have a great day, Helene

Lois said...

My husband is Norwegian so we celebrate "Norwegian flare" at Christmas. I even cook lutefisk.