Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer's End

Today Friendie and I celebrated the end of summer....with a "brokened tree" march around the was warm enough to get by without a jacket, but breezy enough to need a red crocheted monkey hat.  :)  Such a cute little monkey....until I had to take away his stick and bring him in the house.

This past weekend we celebrated the end of summer up north.  We explored Grand Marais one afternoon.  The leaves haven't changed colors yet, but the chilly evenings are indicators that they will turn soon. 

Another indicator that summer has come to an end is FOOTBALL SEASON!
Our son's football team played just 2 hours from where we were staying.  Of course I had to go cheer on #8 and his team!  The Special Team's Coach is my nephew.  I cheer for him too!

But....the truest indicator that Summer has reached it's end...
school has started!!!
Have a great Sophomore year!!!


Judy S. said...

Hapy Fall! I heard from my sis that you were having cold temps in the North least they were at their cabin. Friendie is sure getting big!

Terry said...

Love the monkey hat! Fall is definitely in the air here too now.