Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Kindness of Bloggers....and Bagels!

I have been amazed at the kindness and generosity that lurks in the Blog World.
I should specify.....the kindness and generosity of my Blog lurkers and followers.
It is encouraging to read the comments left after posting a new blog....because quite frankly....if there weren't any may think there is no one interested in their why even bother.
After sharing the photo of the Cathedral Window doll quilt, Teresa left me such a nice comment.  She mentioned she had written up directions for the same pattern, only it is easier.  She offered to share that with me if I was interested.....hey....who isn't interested in making life easier!
I was totally blown away when her "directions" came yesterday.  She has written a pattern!  I am so impressed!!!
She also sent a sweet little needle case and her phone number if I have any questions with the pattern thoughtful is that!
Thank you so much Teresa - Justice Quilt Designs and Sundries.

Another sweet surprise showed up in my kitchen this past week.  Ariel (football playing son's girlfriend) flew to PA for a very short visit with her recently widowed Grandmother.  She returned with some fresh bagels....what a treat for us since there are no bagel shops in our town.....and even if there were....they probably wouldn't compare....everyone I know who has visited the east coast comes back boasting of the bagels.  :)
Oh how exciting to receive such fun is a good reminder for me to pass on some acts of kindness.....or at least leave some friendly comments when I am lurking around blog land myself.
Have a great week!

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