Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Is Here!

Fall is my favorite season...and it is so short here in Minnesota....so I have to embrace it everyday.
I confess I have had this pillow out for almost a month already....
and I bought mums as soon as they became available....many, many mums!
Today I picked up 7 pumpkins.....my porch was begging for them.  Five of them will be carved for Halloween...I can almost smell the roasting seeds already!

Before I take down this "springish" crewel picture, I wanted to show you the expert craftmanship that went into it.  I was not the crafter.
This is one of my Goodwill finds.....$2.99.
I wonder if anything I will make over the years will end up at the Goodwill someday.....kind of sobering to think that someone put in all those hours to make this picture, and I only paid $2.99 for it.
Maybe I shouldn't get so excited for my own good fortune.

Life is starting to return to a sort of "normal" for me.  I have lots of projects going on....and lots of blog material....soon...I promise!

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