Friday, March 26, 2010

The Kitchen Window

It is wonderful having the sun shine in my kitchen window again. 
I spend more time looking out my kitchen window than any other window in our home.  The reason for that is....the kitchen sink.  When we were looking at houses, I always took into account what I would be looking at when I was standing at the kitchen sink....because I do spend quite a bit of time there.
My favorite time is in the afternoon and when I am preparing the evening meal....the sun (when it is shining) is a pick-me-up.
I will soon be celebrating another birthday.....not all that exciting.....but around the same time I will also be hitting my 100th blog post...which may be a little more exciting because I will have another Give-A-Way.
I am 8 posts away from #100....and 11 days away from it will be soon.
I hope the sun is shining in your window today!


Lori said...

Your post brought back some fun memories. When we were on about phase 3 of our landscaping we made a path in the back to our little potting shed. I stood inside at the kitchen sink and directed hubby and brother where to place some large boulders and plants. I kept having them move them back and forth. It was worth it in the end but they weren't extremely happy with me:)

Judy S. said...

You are spot on, Sheila! A window over the sink is a must in my book too.