Thursday, March 25, 2010

Failing My Youngest

Emily LOVES bacon.
It was just the two of us for supper last night, so I asked her if she would like an Egg In The Middle with her bacon.
She didn't know what I was talking about!
My Grandma would make them for my sister and I when we would stay at her house.  I KNOW I have made them for my own children over the years.  But Emily is almost 15....and she doesn't remember them.
My husband and the boys prefer plain old eggs and toast, so maybe I have just been catering to them all these years.....or maybe I have just failed my youngest. 
Emily loved it.  She ate 3 of them.  I will make it up to her.  She may end up getting tired of them in the end.  :)

I use a biscuit cutter to cut out the circle in the middle of the bread.  Butter both sides of the bread.  Place bread in pan and then crack an egg in the hole.  Fry over medium heat until done.  My family likes their yolks "runny", but I need mine nice and firm.
I season one side with Seasoned Salt, but the butter on the bread actually makes it salty enough.
Give it a try!


Judy S. said...

We used to call these Egg in a Hole in Girl Scouts. Fun post, and I'll bet Emily will remember now.....

the Klimeks said...

Egg Toast!!! Yummy--but Gram fried hers in LARD!!!