Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coming Home From Time Away

When I got home from my Time Away, the house was neat and tidy and the kitchen looked like no one used it.  Now, my boys are home for Spring Break and their girlfriends are also here....so there were 6 people in the house while I was gone.
 There is something you need to know about my husband....he is a "neat freak".  I am not, although I do like the house clean.
I confess, I have spoiled my boys over the years (20 and 22).  Mommy feeds them and cleans up the kitchen...even after their late night snacks.  Well....evidently Dad encountered the morning mess....and he wasn't feeling too gracious.
I came home to find this note posted on the cupboard door:

If you cook it....you clean it!

If you eat off of it....you clean it!

If dishwasher is dirty... rinse off dishes and put them in it!

If dishwasher is clean... put away clean dishes!

If you don't want to empty the dishwasher....wash your dishes by hand!

Mom shouldn't have to put up with this!

Show some respect!

If you don't like these rules....eat somewhere else!
(I think I will leave the note hanging there for a while)


Terry said...

Nice note! I think I need one of those! LOL

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love that note. Your boys are the same ages as my oldest two. Mine will be home for Spring break next week. I'm sure my kitchen will be messier with them here too :-)

Lori said...

LOLROF!!! I hope it works!!