Friday, January 8, 2010

Yep.....Good Friends

I just knew Little Ruthie and I were going to become good friends!
I did end up putting a small piece of guide tape on the needle plate to help me maintain a quarter inch stitch....I am use to using a quarter inch foot.
Now I need to get serious and get my fabric cut so I can make some Cheese & Crackers with Lori.


Tina said...

I'm very glad Little Ruthie is working out great!!!

I just love the quilt you have pictured!

You are introducing me to such great quilting blogs! The Cheese and Crackers quilt is very neat.

Milah said...

There is an attachment you can buy for featherweights that has a guide for 1/4". You might google it sometime.

Cheese and Crackers, I was thinking about sewing along but have too many other projects going on right now. Keep us posted on your progress.

Love the quilt, Ruthie is a keeper!

Karen said...

This is a cute little piece. Gives me an idea.