Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sometimes You Just Can't Wait

The past few mornings I have been eager for my morning cup/pot of I have been brewing it in my French Press.  It really makes a smooth cup....and if I don't have to is just the right amount.  I just didn't want to wait.

I have also been feeling a little anxious about being away from my computer for 5 days while we are in Arizona.  I need to leave our laptop at home for our youngest daughter to use.....she may need it for a school assignment
I went out yesterday and purchased a little new traveling companion.  I was gifted money for I thought it was a good can I be away from my  Blog friends for 5 whole days?????
Sometimes you just can't wait!


Judy S. said...

Glad you won'[t be out of touch, Sheila. Have a fun 5 days!

Lori said...

I love my french press and it is so handy to take a long if you need to.
I got a small netbook for Christmas so I could stay in touch while away for any length of time. I'm sure you'll love it!