Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeding The Goat Boys

Last week I returned from Mexico.  I didn't go on a "vacation",  I went with a group to work for a week.  Through an organization called, Homes Of Hope, we purchased the supplies to build and furnish a very small house for a needy family.  Now Ensenada is full of "needy" people, but this family had to have purchased their small plot of land, so they have some type of income, it is just very low.  We built their house in 3 days.  The 4th day we went to an orphanage to clean and do some repairs.  On our final work day, we went to a mission and half of our group built a storage unit for a water tank and the rest of us fed the children.  These adorable boys came for a meal and then they showed me their home....and their goats.

I made the oatmeal water which they had with their meal.  It is a treat for them.  It is oatmeal and water that I put through the blender and then some milk was added (very little)  then a small amount of sugar and some vanilla went into it.  It was very tasty.  They were also served beans and rice and a little shredded beef.....which was much spicier than I would make it.  :)

Many of the homes in this area looked similar to this one.

But some, like this house, are made out of cardboard pieces.  We wished we could go back and build a house with a cement floor and wooden walls (with windows and a door) for these people.....but unless you own the small piece of land you are living on, you don't qualify for a Homes Of Hope house.

I wonder if anyone went to feed the children this week?


Milah said...

That is awesome! My husband and I also have a heart for missions. Jack went to Jamaica last winter to build a house for a needy family. He is going back this winter to do it again! Seeing such poverty makes you realize how blessed we are. Thanks for sharing!

Judy S. said...

Blessings to you for your fine work, Sheila! You are right, we are pretty fortunate and take a lot for granted. Thanks for the reminder!

Anne Marie said...

humbling post Sheila....