Monday, October 5, 2009

"Corn-y" Regifting

Have you ever been given a gift and your first thought was...."What will I ever do with that?" Last summer my mom and oldest daughter went to some local garage sales together. My mom came home with this corn dish for me and a huge leaf platter for my twin sister. Now, I really can appreciate the painting done by someone in a ceramic class a few years back....but really....I have no great attachment to this corn dish. I suggested to mom that maybe she should take this unique gift back home to my younger sister.....(I wouldn't want her to feel left out you know!) Well, I "displayed" the corn dish until I tucked it away with my fall decorations....only to rediscover it last month. Now....being the caring sister that I am....I thought of my poor younger sister who missed out on mom's garage sale finds last in honor of her birthday, I sent it to her this past weekend. :) But I got up early and made up a batch of my oven caramel corn.....
and filled the corn dish with fresh, yummy corn....because I wanted my sister to enjoy one part of the gift!


the Klimeks said...

Thank you, dear sister, for the BEAUTIFUL corn dish. I have never owned anything quite so stunning. I have my new dish prominently displayed on my table so all who come visit my home can admire it, and I can tell them that it was a treasured birthday gift from my much older sister.
P.S. The home-made caramel corn was melt-in-you-mouth delicious!

Milah said...

I hope your mom doesn't read this! ;D

This reminds me of a polyester pantsuit my MIL put in a garage sale. It was so 70's Brady-ish we knew no one would buy it, but my MIL thought surly someone would. And someone! I bought it and wrapped it up at christmas and gave it to my niece. She got a laugh out of it and the next Christmas I got it back. Ha,Ha! The third Christmas I wrapped it for my sister-in-law, another good laugh! We got a lot of miles (and laughter) out of that hidious polyester pantsuit!

One of us Dragonfryes said...


I do like the corn bowl. What a thoughtful thing to pass the beauty to your sister.

I awarded you a Kreative Blogger Award. Here is my blog post

I hope you do not mind.

Enjoy your Thursday!