Monday, July 27, 2009

Successful Sale and Yummy Sweets

Our garage sale on Friday and Saturday was very successful.....who would have thought between a few of us there would be almost $900 worth of "unwanted treasures" in our closets! The best part....almost everything sold! I do still have a box full of rubber stamps that I will probably just list on eBay....I decided to sell the whole collection.....but still have half left. It felt so good to fold up the tables and not have to deal with the "left-overs". My profits will go toward the mission trip to Mexico I am part of in was easy to find things to part with knowing the money would go toward a family who has almost nothing (that is why we are going there to build them a house and furnish it---although it will only be a single room with beds and a table).
Hubs grilled burgers for our evening meal and my mother-in-law came with pie.....pumpkin, chocolate, butterscotch and fresh peach!!! What a yummy way to spend the end of our successful day.

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