Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seat, Sites and Sewing

A month ago I bought this cute little bench at a local auction.....unpainted. I was needing some fresh air after being stuck inside with the flu earlier this week, so yesterday I painted this little two seater Barn Red. I was pleased with the results. Today I brought out a baby quilt I am working on with hopes to try and catch up..... but the sunshine, cool breeze and view were too distracting.
There is room for two....want to come and 'sit a spell'? :)


Milah said...

Love the Red! And the view!

Terry said...

Good job painting! Love the red color! I need one of those on my front porch. But my view isn't nearly as good as yours! LOL

yellowfarmhouse said...

Well you know I'm loving the red chair - and that view would make it hard to sew - what is it about water - it's so mezmorizing :).

Have a great weekend - Karen

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH what a view!! I'll be right there!! Did you get any quilting done??

Thank you for being persistent! I am so glad you could read it finally!

Judy S. said...

Red's my very favorite color! We were in MN a few weeks back and about roasted. Loved seeing all the relatives though. Maybe next time we can connect?

One of us Dragonfryes said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Where in Minnesota do you live? I just love your blog! I am very glad you left a comment! I would have never known you if you did not. The chair is beautiful. I will try the iced coffee. I am a BIG iced coffee drink fan.

Oh, don't worry about pressure to have the drawing thing on your blog. I have you as comment number 4. The blog that I picked the drawing up from was Aimee who is the 8 year old girl of Natalie my friend who has Apple Valley Natural soap shop. We are old college friends. I will email you and ask for your address when I am ready to send my gift out to you.

Nice to meet you!


Mrs. Peoples said...

Just passing thru and had to comment. I love this pic. Very calming, beautiful. Love the red.