Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Blogger and Troll Beads

I have been a Bad Blogger - life is getting in the way! Hubs and I celebrated our 26 year anniversary! We are getting old! One of the benefits of having daughters (with good taste) is the fun gifts they help Hubs pick out for me. I had never heard of Troll Beads, but aren't they sweet? :) They picked out 3 colorful glass beads, a cherub, a Dala horse, the Swedish symbol for faith, hope and charity and a ball of yarn. I love it! Here is my full time job. I quit my job to take care of this little guy when he was born (while my daughter and her husband are at work). Our first grandchild, Hannah, was about the same age as my little Friendie is now when she passed away.....that was 5 years ago this month. So you can about imagine how I am treasuring every moment of being Grammie again now. :)

My final "excuse" for not getting any sewing projects done (or even worked on) and for not blogging...."Garage Sale"....we are having a sale tomorrow and Saturday and all I can say is...."Where did all this crap come from?" :)


Milah said...

Aww, he's a cutie, even with the spaghetti face! Sorry to hear you lost a grandchild, that had to be very difficult.
Good luck with the garage sale.;D

Karen said...

He is adorable and I'm glad you get to spend this precious time with him. I'm sorry about your loss - I can't even imagine how hard that was and I'm sure still is.

On a lighter note - hope your sale went well and that bracelet is awesome. Never heard of those before.

Hugs - Karen

Judy S. said...

What a neat bracelet, Sheila! A belated Happy Anniversary. Your little grandson is a real cutie; it's nice you are close enough to see him often. So sorry to hear about your granddaughter; that must have been very tough.